Justino Sadur-Torres


Growing up in northwest Florida, I always wanted to use art to tell stories. In pursuit of that goal, I have worked on comics, animation, and illustrated stories. During High-School, I wrote two comic scripts, one 330 pages long (I had a hard time ending things back then) and even completed the first issue of one of my scripts before realizing "comics are hard." In college I studied animation, focusing my attention on combining traditional methods of art production and modern digital image editing and compositing techniques. My current project is "The Shuttered City" an ongoing six-part graphic novel, which recently wrapped up issue two. If you have a story you want to tell, or an idea you wish to illuminate, please drop me a note. I'm here to serve.


  • Concept Art
  • Environment/Background Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation Design


  • Digital Art
  • Watercolor
  • Inkwash
  • After Effects